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IC Control System 

    The IC Controller system are used on our CNC ROUTER line such as model I, M, P & K series

             Through tight integration with the PC-resident motion control software, the IC Control system offers 4 or 5 axis of interpolated motion plus an analog spindle.  Using position-sensing encoder feedback, IC Control is capable of monitoring position in real-time.  If any axis begins to lag the others, motion will immediately slow on all axes simultaneously.  Once the impeded axis is allowed to move freely, all axes will resume at the programmed feed rate.


           Support is the cornerstone of Industry Controls.  If a customer needs assistance with their motion control system, help will be available as needed.  They know that purchasing a genuine IC Industry Controls product will give them access to top-class technical support. Our customers will purchase a product knowing it will not be duplicated by unauthorized manufacturers.  This increases the value of their investment since cheap imitations will not be available on the market. 


            Many years of machining experience has given our designers the insight necessary to create a controller that operates in a fashion that will enhance production over competing controllers.  Performance and excellence you will come to expect from IC Industry Control System


                                                                           IC Control System

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Cabinet Software


  AutoCabinets, Cabs-to-Go, RouterCam software are available

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Vertric Software

Download the fully functional trial versions of Vectric Software

With the trial versions of the software you can cut sample files on your own machine using your own choice of tooling and material. Step by step tutorials and videos are available to guide you through the complete process, so you will be cutting on your CNC faster than you would have thought possible.

With onscreen simulation functionality, you can see exactly how your own designs will cut using the full versions of the software. These color shaded images are ideal for customer quotes and approval, or your own marketing purposes

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